Welcome to RPM and Rotational Pitching Mechanics

...if you'd rather listen than read!

Join us in counting down to the launch of the nation’s premiere pitching resource. RPM™ is all about using the arm and body in a different, anatomically-sound way to pitch and throw. Pitching and throwing injuries are at epidemic proportions. Tragically, at this writing, 126 out of 360 major league pitchers are on the disabled list. The same injuries they suffer (and worse) are happening to growing numbers of youth pitchers. It’s time to abandon conventional thinking about pitching.

Pitch counts are not the answer to protecting arms, and ‘overuse’ is not the problem. Until you make the right mechanical changes your arm stands in harms’ way. We’ll show you the real reasons for elbow and shoulder injuries, and teach you how to keep yourself, your son, or your players healthy. It’s possible to pitch and throw every day, at high intensity, without pain. One of the pitchers I coached was a MLB draft pick who threw daily for over 3 1/2 YEARS! And in one calendar year another young student threw over 14,500 pitches in supervised training.

By enrolling in RPM™ you will gain our personal commitment to help in your quest for high quality, high velocity pitches, all within a safer mechanical framework for pitching and throwing. Free introductory website sections on anatomy and injuries, our low cost community-based forum, and more, will be available by mid- to late-February, 2014. Premium, detailed content will be added frequently as we complete work on presenting these groundbreaking techniques for learning and teaching pitching and throwing skills. With RPM™ membership you will have access to high quality, user-friendly video and audio training tools, and knowledgeable baseball-savy help.

In the interim please feel free to contact us via e-mail: bill@rpmpitching.com


The RPM™ web site is a work in progress. It’s going to take time to publish all of our references, solutions, and detailed instructional content. I encourage you to check back frequently for updates, then stay tuned for the launch of our RPM™Forum baseball community discussions. It’s up to you to make a difference.